Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions…

Welcome to my terms and conditions, here you can find out how I do business and how I intend to keep you the customer happy.

Hampshire sheen

After a few initial hiccups in the startup of Hampshire sheen production due to the different ingredient available here in Canada I now have it down to a fine recipe for the Canadian market.

Hampshire sheen is inherently a stiff wax due to its formulation.

when you order your item’s please order item’s at the same time to combine shipping. My website is designed to work out shipping costs for you.

I keep minimal stock, reason is that I make a fresh batch as required so that I can provide you the customer with a fresh pot when you order every time.

Original, High gloss or ti-wax ? your choice, each will give a different result depending on the wood you use, the quality of finish it is being applied to, amount of product applied and the method of application. practice, patience, experience and you will love the results.

Yorkshire Grit

I import Yorkshire grit from Glyn Senior in the UK. due to postage and import duties that I have to pay the price is inflated a little bit but I try to keep my prices down and comparable with U.S. prices. It works out cheaper and quicker for you than if you were to order from the U.K.

together Yorkshire grit and Hampshire sheen truly are‘partners in shine’

Wood Turned Items

I am A wood turner, and on my site you will find a few items that I have turned for sale in Canada, home grown, felled and turned Canadian Lumber in Canada. I like the way that sounds, don’t you? if there is any items that you would like to see please feel free to contact me at rob@woodsleesummercraft.ca

Communication, insurance, shipping and when will your package arrive?

I do my best to communicate with you the buyer to the best of my ability, you will receive an email from me to let you know that your order is being processed, and when it is mailed, you will then receive a confirmation email from me with a tracking number.

I mail all parcels expedited business with insurance and a tracking number via Canada postal service.

usual wait time is 2-5 business days depending on how far off the beaten track you live.

Currently I am a one man operation and pay close attention to individual customer support and care. I always respond to emails and questions and hope that you are a satisfied customer.

I firmly believe that a satisfied customer is a returning customer.

please read the disclaimer, and take care.