Partners in shine ( New ultimate pack )



Save $25 cash when you purchase the “partners in shine new ultimate “collection

You get more for less

195 g Hampshire Sheen Original,

195 g Hampshire Sheen High Gloss,

195 g Hampshire Sheen Ti-Wax,

195 g Hampshire sheen microcrystalline wax

and Yorkshire Grit.





Save $25 cash by purchasing the Hampshire sheen ultimate pack with Yorkshire grit !

Whats in it, 195 g Original, 195 g High Gloss, 195 g Ti-Wax, 195 g Microcrystalline paste wax and 227 g Yorkshire grit.

You get to decide what finish you want every single turn. Want sheen? Want shine? Want brilliant highlights, want that fingerprint proof finish? always with that ultimate smooth finish that you can achieve with the combination of Yorkshire grit and the Hampshire sheen family.


Additional information

Weight 680 g
Dimensions 200 x 200 x 80 mm


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