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Hampshire Sheen is a unique finishing wax blended by hand in Ontario to a special English recipe. It contains Danish Oil, Carnauba Wax and Microcrystalline Wax.

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  • Hampshire Sheen – Beeline wax 150 ml


    A one-of-a-kind beeswax finish that incorporates the softness and warmth of Beeswax and the robustness of microcrystalline wax. Together, the secret wax blend produces a gorgeous satin look and feel to decorative turned work.

  • Hampshire Sheen – Carnacrystalline wax stick


    A unique turners stick featuring both carnauba and microcrystalline waxes to produce an ultra glossy and hard wearing decorative finish to your turned items.

  • Hampshire Sheen – pen turners overcoat.


    100% microcrystalline wax stick

    ideal for pen turners, this wax stick will provide a fingerprint resistant finish will shine and go over your finish of choice.

  • Hampshire sheen beeline wax combo


    The ultimate soft easy to apply finish

    150 ml Hampshire sheen beeline wax

    approx 33 gram bar of pure bees wax

  • Hampshire Sheen High Gloss


    Hampshire Sheen High Gloss gives your decorative turned projects a tough high gloss shine that glows with hand made quality but is still quintessentially English.

    Just like the Original version, each batch of Hampshire Sheen High Gloss is carefully blended by hand at Woodslee Summercraft in Ontario for turners who enjoy a high gloss finish to their work.

    Blended with danish oil for bringing warmth to the wood, carnauba wax for a tough finish and microcrystalline wax for additional protection, Hampshire Sheen High Gloss is very easy to apply and bring up to a spectacular gloss finish.

  • Hampshire Sheen Original


    Hampshire Sheen produces a glorious warm lustre that envelopes turned wood in a quietly discerning and quintessentially English way.

    Each batch of Hampshire Sheen is carefully blended by Rob at Woodslee Summercraft in the workshop in Ontario for turners who seek a lustrous finish to their work.

    Blending danish oil for adding warmth to the wood, carnauba wax for a tough finish and microcrystalline wax for additional protection, Hampshire sheen is easy to apply and gives a lustrous sheen to your work.

  • Hampshire Sheen Ti-wax


    Ti Wax is a variation of a traditional liming wax but contains Titanium Dioxide to add ultra bright highlights to open grained woods such as Oak and Ash.

    After turning and sanding, and perhaps colouring, clean the grain with a brass brush (and sanding sealer, especially after colouring) and rub Ti Wax into the grain of the wood. Wait for it to dry, then buff off leaving the surface with a glorious shine and white grain patterns.

    You can then lightly overcoat it with Hampshire Sheen original or high gloss for an even brighter, tougher finish.

  • Microcrystalline paste wax


    Easy to apply and adds an extra layer of gloss and added protection to your wood turned items

  • partner’s from the hive ( beeline pack )


    Save $5 by purchasing Partner’s from the hive.

    A glorious soft easy to apply duo

  • Partners in shine ( gloss pack )


    “Partners in shine ( Gloss Pack )

    Whats in it? Yorkshire grit and 195 grams of Hampshire sheen High Gloss

    Want shine with every turn?

    With the ultimate smooth finish you can achieve with the combination of Yorkshire grit and Hampshire sheen High Gloss.

    Satisfaction every turn.

  • Partners in shine ( New ultimate pack )



    Save $25 cash when you purchase the “partners in shine new ultimate “collection

    You get more for less

    195 g Hampshire Sheen Original,

    195 g Hampshire Sheen High Gloss,

    195 g Hampshire Sheen Ti-Wax,

    195 g Hampshire sheen microcrystalline wax

    and Yorkshire Grit.


  • pure bees wax stick


    approx 33 grams of pure southern Ontario bees wax stick

    formed to reach those hard to reach spots.

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