Yorkshire Grit and Hampshire Sheen products.

For use on indoor decorative items only. contains hydrocarbons keep sealed and above 10 deg C ( 41 deg F ) when not in use

flammable, no smoking. Do not allow to freeze. Do not ingest. May cause drowsiness.  Use only in a well ventilated area.

Irritant to skin and eyes. wear suitable personal protection including safety eye glasses and suitable breathing apparatus.


See MSDS for more information

My Youtube Channel 

My Youtube videos on woodslee Summercraft are intended for entertainment purposes only.

I am a self taught woodturner, starting out by watching my father for years on his lathe and now operating my own.

Woodturning is inherently dangerous as is the use of all of the other tools associated with wood work. please be responsible for your own safety and if you see something that I do that doesn’t seem safe to you, then don’t do it.  I personally have learned many things on youtube from other woodturners and woodworkers alike but will never blame another for my own mistakes.

wear your PPE ( personal protective equipment ) you only get one set of ears, eyes and lungs..

keep your whits about you around moving machinery. pinch points, cuts, bruises and personal injuries can be avoided.

stay focused on the task at hand. a split second is all it takes to injure yourself.


But most of all, be creative and have fun