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carnacrystalline wax sticks

I have been chatting with Martin Saban Smith, and plan on having carnacrystalline wax

sticks in stock very soon.



3 thoughts on “carnacrystalline wax sticks

  1. Rob…I am very impressed with the Yorkshire grit and Hampshire sheen products used in tandem. Quite lovely results. I will have to get some of the Ti-wax soon and give that a try. Yorkshire grit and Hampshire sheen are my go to finishes now for 80-85% of my turning. So glad there’s a Canadian distributor right here in Ontario and also so close to home(for me). Thanks for jumping in to that role.

  2. Hi Rob. I got my order of Yorkshire Grit and Hampshire sheen in the mail the other week and have now had time to get back into the shop and try them out. Very happy with the results and will be using this on a lot of my decorative pieces. I saw a poll that Martin was doing about possibly adding a food safe finishing product to the lineup, and would be interested in that if it became available in Canada.

    1. Hi Scott, Im very glad that you are happy with the results from the products from my website, yes martin has released beeline wax and it will be coming to Canada very soon right here at Woodslee Summercraft. blended by my hand in southern Ontario. take care

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